Our online track device enable you to track your shipment/parcel online. This will tell you the current location of your parcel.

For your convenience you need to check the status of your parcel? You can use our website to track your parcel. Simply enter your Tracking Number for up-to-the-minute information on the status of your parcel or satchel. If our service will not get results for your item in authomatic mode, please contact us.


With Sharpmax Delivery's website, you can track and monitor your parcel. Our online international track and trace service made to simplify tracking mainly of international postal items. When you send goods/parcel from differenе countries you have to track your goods/parcel at Sharpmax Delivery's websites to monitor your delivery parcel. Our service gather all possible information about your delivery, translate and provide it for you in a convenient form. Our state of the art system includes bar code scanning, compliance labeling, space optimization and value-added support services. We offer a wide variety of warehousing, distribution, and value-added services designed to speed up your supply chain as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. By utilizing our efficiencies and experience to reduce your total cost of Warehousing and Distribution, your company can focus its time and money on what really matters in your industry instead of wasting valuable resources on logistics

Our services in the area include

  • Integrated Warehousing & Distribution System
  • Storage-Short Term and Long Term.
  • Handling of Bulk Inventory.
  • Stuffing & De Stuffing.
  • Pick and Pack Services.
  • Scheduled departures and arrivals.
  • Pick-up and delivery.
  • Wide area Distribution.

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